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Stories from Our Patients

As a preeminent destination for endocrine and metabolic disorders, including diabetes treatment and management, Florida Diabetes & Endocrine Center helps patients from across the state and around the country overcome debilitating conditions and life-threatening diseases. Through their commitment and dedication to positive patient outcomes, the skilled specialists and their experienced support staff help patients successfully manage and in some cases, overcome a variety of disorders related to diabetes and other conditions affecting the endocrine system.

Experience the compassion and care delivered by the specialists at Florida Diabetes & Endocrine Center through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to tell of your experiences with Florida Diabetes and Endocrine Center, please share your story

About Dr. Pratley

I feel privileged to have Dr. Pratley as my doctor.

About Dr. Martin

Dr. Martin is very concerned about your overall health. He provides great and helpful information.

About Dr. Varon

I absolutely loved Dr. Varon. He is two hours away from my home and I am more than happy to drive the distance to see him again.

About Office & Staff

I have been a patient for 26 years and I love all the people that I have come in contact with over those 26 years. You have one of the best practices and the most competent employees.